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Looking for more real estate business ? Let PropLeadz , a venture of BrokersADDA, India’s largest real estate community platform, gets you the desired results !

What we are offering to the real estate industry ?

Real Estate Project Launch

Lead Generation

Without Consistent Flow of Qualified Leads Every Real Estate Business Sooner or Later Will Go Out Of Business

Social media management

Social Media Marketing

Build a Loyal Community of prospective clients for Your Real Estate Business Through Social Media Marketing

Pay per click

Pay Per Click Advertising

As soon as your PPC campaign is setup and launched, your ad gets in front of your target audience literally instantaneously!

Real estate videos

Real Estate Videos

NO digital marketing campaign is complete without a professionally produced video. Be it your project or branding video.

website development

Website/app Development

Stand out from your competitors with a one-of-a-kind, stunning, custom real estate website or app design!



Stand Out from Your Competitors with an Inspiring, Memorable and Authentic Brand Identity

Digital Marketing That Delivers Results

We help Builders and Realtors of all sizes transform their targets into tactical strategies that outperform the competition. We consistently prove ourselves with great work. No asterisks. No excuses. Just results.

Digital Marketing

Why you should hire us ?

  • 10 years of industry experience.
  • Powered by, India’s largest real estate networking platform.
  • 100% focused on real estate industry only.

How we work


Take our end-to-end strategies for a 30-day test ride. See proof of our abilities before making a more permanent commitment.

A-La Carte

Get only the services you need. We’ll make our recommendations but ultimately you choose.

No Long Term Contract

We don’t like forceful relationships either. You determine how long you want our relationship to last.

Cheaper Than In-House

For less than an in-house salary, hire a team of experienced brand-builders..

PropLeadz is a venture of , India’s largest real estate networking platform with 1,40,000+ registered brokers !

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